Why Home Care

Submitted by Jamie Meche MS CCC-SLP, Comforts of Home

Choosing a home care company to take care of your senior parents’ needs might be a tough decision to make. You may also find it increasingly difficult to make them agree to help at home. Nevertheless, home care for your parents is essential when you can’t look after them 24/7 and it has its benefits. Let us see what:

Personalized Care

In-home caregivers are trained to provide personalized care at home to elders. They are experienced and professional in their services and the company ensures that the individual needs of the elder are matched with the caregiver that is sent to the house.

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Submitted by Carol A. Gooch, M.S., LPC, LCDC, LMFT

New Year's ResolutionsNew Year’s Resolutions are made and broken every year. Usually this is because people set themselves up to fail by compiling a list of resolutions they probably will never keep. Surveys by the American Psychological Association say will power was the top reason people failed to keep their resolutions. Most people need more than will power to keep their resolutions. Keeping resolutions requires detailed plans and strategies when there are setbacks.

Some Good Reasons for Selling on a Short Sale

Kiki Koymarianos, M.B.A. GRI-CDPE — Broker/Associate, Keller Williams

A short sale might be better than a foreclosure, but seek legal and tax advice.

Regardless of whether you are in foreclosure, if selling your home will not net enough to pay off your existing mortgages, you may want to consider selling on a short sale. For many years, there were few reasons to sell on a short sale, apart from earning the real estate agent a commission, but times have changed.

Organizing Your Office for the New Year

Article written by Judy Trosvig, Organize That!

Everyone needs a place to pay bills, write letters, keep important paperwork, etc. Whether you work at home or not you need a space at home to keep you stuff. Remember you are in charge! No matter how old you are you need to know where the insurance policies, warranties, titles, taxes, receipts are and so on. Spring is the best time of the year to get rid of outdated files and to organize your records. It's also a great time to de-clutter the rest of your financial files. In my book, Organizing a Single Life, I have tips on organizing a home office space.

Staging Your Home, the First Step to a Successful Sale

Submitted by Kristin Van Hauen, Treasured Spaces,

Now more than ever it is important to stage your house prior to putting the “For Sale” sign in the front yard. Regardless of whether it is a “buyers” or “sellers” market a staged home will sell 30-50% faster and for more money than a non-staged home. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? If that is not motivation in itself, think about our world of technology, when the potential buyer is looking online and making a decision as to which properties meet their requirements and which ones they will take the time to see in person. Don’t lose that potential sale because your house is not dressed for the “party”.